Friday, November 11, 2011

Write and wrought

What an amazing day in this defined fall weather. I took a trip down to Seattle for a long weekend to visit my friends and have a me solitude weekend. I thought I would have to babysit my youngest brother tomorrow but the sitter came through and was able to!
I've been sitting in a Starbucks all afternoon hiding from the wind and rain waiting for my friend to get off work. What an amazing thing to be alone with your own thoughts. I really enjoy it. At first I feared the loneliness, but I let it wash over me and I've accepted it today.
I love Seattle.

Sunday, September 11, 2011


I found that blogger has an app and I am super stoked on that. I so rarely use my computer so it's hard to get on there and get motivated to write. But as kind of an end of the year toast to myself I'm restarting this and creating hobbies for myself.

Thursday, May 12, 2011


I really need to update the look of this. I got bored and have kept it this way and I really dislike it. It was just a pre-designed blog layout.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My oh My

Someday I will get better at this. I am moving into my new house this month and I get to set up an art corner in my room. I get a pretty large attic room that runs almost the entire length of the house. Chris and I get to set up almost a living room type area so I have a million ideas for how I want it to look.
Today I went to the Re-Store, a sort of home cabinet/door/cupboard/sink recycling store. They had a few really good pieces I may be able to work with for shelving/storage, big pieces for really cheap. So I will have to make more decisions on that after I move what I do have into the room.

I am really excited to try out some chalkboard paint on this old Ikea desk my grandfather got for me. It's just the standard plain white and wood colors, so after looking through some really incredible design ideas at designsponge, I thought, why not spruce up my desk and paint it with chalkboard paint?! I think it will be really fun for my art/craft space. I really love all the ideas people come up with for using chalkboard paint.
On another note, I have been looking at some camera set ups for myself. I don't have access to a nice digital camera anymore since Jon and I broke up and I really should get myself one. I love toying around with photography. (This picture was taken with my iPhone of my cat Penny and I) I bought myself a Holga 135 last weekend when I was in Seattle at  Urban Outfitters. It was on sale really cheap because I suppose no one liked the army green of it. I snatched it up and have been trying to figure it out. Sadly I totally inserted my first role of film incorrectly and none of the pictures from Chris and my day at the beach turned out. Lesson learned I suppose. I bought new film and will try again!
Here are a few pictures from my Instagram for my iPhone of our beach trip though!
Bagel sandwiches for lunch from this amazing spot called The Bagelry. Their cream cheeses and bagels are so good. Dammit, now I want one!


Bellingham Bay

Some of the few sunny days we have up here in spring time!
Now off to make a lovely dinner with my man and enjoy the sun!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Journey to the center of the Earth.

It's been 12 days so far and it has been going really well! Some days I just make little snacks and others I make full out meals. I totally forgot to post pictures of some of the meals I have made! But I'm sure I will make those meals again. I'm trying to write down all of my recipes so that at the end of the month I can write them all down. I am terribly lazy sometimes and I just feel like posting pictures of the yummy food I've made instead of going into great detail about all of the recipes just yet. I want to dedicate a post entirely to my very favorite recipes I've made.
It's hard that I don't have a camera to post stuff, I mean I love my iPhone camera but I want to show outfits too. Alas, that will be saved for another day when I don't have so much to save for at the current moment! But I do have some photos I can share just generally of my life, I suppose. :]

One of the first meals I made was cod baked in a lemon garlic butter sauce with baked yam fries. It turned out really well! I think next time I will pan sear it and add the garlic on a lower heat so as not to burn it. The yam fries were amazing! I never would have tried them before, but there is this swanky business professional restaurant by my old branch called Scotty Browns, and they served yam fries slightly fried instead of the regular potato fries. I really enjoy them and they are so easy to make!
One of my lunches was fresh blackberries, a butter croissant and some cream cheese. I rarely eat much during the day and during the morning. I like to save it all for big yummy dinners! I am trying so hard to eat better and focus on healthy food. I have been adding a ton of fruits into my diets. I just started adding more veggies and proteins. Last night I made a scrambled egg with feta and fresh turkey lunch meat with a little salsa. It was amazing. I am allergic to diary sort of but I eat it anyways and feta is my new favorite cheese. It pairs so well with a variety of flavors. I love how well it goes with red meats too.
For my mom's birthday I made tamales with fresh home made pico. My youngest brother brought out the left over plates from his birthday and we used those. Oh it was so so good. That is one recipe I will do a whole post to. 

Friday, April 1, 2011

Let the games begin!

Today starts me on day one of no eating out for breakfast, lunch, dinner, etc. So I've been thinking about all of that to clarify what I'm doing and why. For me not going out to eat somewhere means not going to any kind if restaurant to order food. If I'm going to the coop grocery store by my house or going to the farmers market then that's ok for me because I can see and know that this food wasn't mass produced filled with high bad everything and is going to be in line with what I would pick up and make for myself. I want to do this as a challenge to save money and live better. I live cooking. I love setting goals I will experience and truly enjoy!
So goodbye resaurants and hello home cooked meals!
This was my last meal. My boyfriend, best friend and I went to Boston's Pizza. So my very last meal was leftover pizza, which really isn't so bad. I love pizza! :]

Friday, March 25, 2011

Change is in the wind

After many hours of house hunting and messages left we finally found the perfect house to rent! I have been living with my mom to help her out and get a bit of money saved so it really has been working out well minus the small detail of being a totally couch bum for 6 plus months. A close friend of my mom's has the perfect house to rent with a mother-in-law out back that Chris and I will eventually inhabit. For now a room works! The best part is we can paint and decorate and do whatever to the place! My creative gears are in full swing here and I've spent hours on design*sponge looking at ideas for how I want my room to look. My new space. So soon enough. Probably next week, I will find pictures and ideas I can post so help organize my thoughts! I am really thrilled at this whole idea.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

The challenge

I've been really bad about keeping up and keeping dedicated to this. However, I've been thinking a lot lately on savings, and the idea of making the things I love a bit more enjoyable. So starting April 1st I am taking a break from eating out! Whether it be fast food (which I don't eat anyways) or at resturaunts. Anything that I want I am going to make the effort to start cooking more and trying more foods! I love cooking and I've really gotten away from it since I've moved! I will be blogging my food travels! I think for me my blogging will bring to light the hobbies I've shied away from for so long!
I was in a long relationship and I really lost who I was in that. I can't believe how easy it is to lose a bit of yourself when you're in an unhealthy relationship.
My goal is to get back into my art, cooking, and love for fashion. Maybe someday I'll have some followers ;)

Friday, February 18, 2011

apple of my eye

I got my iphone 4 today. I am so ecstatic about it! I've hardly been paying attention to anything because I have been playing with it so much. I am very pleased. It hardly feels like a phone! I have never had something this fancy and I have been waiting and saving up for some time now and so I feel like a little kid at Christmas time. I'll have to get used to taking pictures with it and navigating it a bit so I can use it as a standby for outfit posts until I get a real camera (my next big purchase!)

Saturday, February 5, 2011


I had to get a tooth pulled yesterday. It really didn't turn out the way I expected it to. It was really quite easy actually and I'm impressed with the way everything is healing up. I had to run out to the mall to pick up some makeup and ran through the dreaded shoe section at Macys and stumbled across these wonderful boots! However the pair at Macys weren't suede and had the zipper on the side.. but were the same exact boot otherwise for twenty dollars more. I fell in love and I'm sitting here one click away (with free shipping!) from buying them... Vicodin, the things you do to my brain and budget!

Friday, February 4, 2011

It ain't easy

I've been working a lot on widening my favorite blogs and sites I follow. I think my initial focus will be art and writing, but my next big think is a camera. Sure there will be terrible iPhone pictures for awhile but that's better than nothing.
I'm very excited to be starting this for myself as a way to experiment and explore art and fashion more.


Sunday, January 30, 2011

finding a hobby

My best friend and ex boyfriend always told me to find good hobbies to invest in. Here goes nothing.