Sunday, December 2, 2012

Finding a voice, or an accurate way to write out and depict your 'inner voice', can be hard, daunting, confusing and overwhelming. In a sea of witty, comical, kitschy, trendy, smart and provocative women being the 'little guy' just starting out sometimes feels like a deer-in-headlights. That might just be my inner pessimist trying to crush the positivity I do feel for self-growth and development.  However, it does lead me to the bigger questions tied to blogging such as "why do I want to do this", "what is my goal", and “what do I want to showcase and develop?" 
                I've thought and tested out bits and pieces of my writing and varying styles of it in older blog posts and while I do really love to write creatively and lean on the side of poetic, overall it isn't something that really grasps my own attention! I want something I enjoy coming back to on a consistent and regular basis. I want something I feel very akin to that relates and reflects who I am with a more “IRL” voice.  Perhaps a mix between the ways I use professionalism and knowledge when speaking at work and how I articulate myself in my creative writing would be a better way to show how I am outside of the internet.  And Hey! It would at the very least, I believe, help me to become a better communicator in person. Lord knows I could use some TLC in that area.
                Ultimately that’s what I've really wanted from blogging, a wonderful community to grow with and learn from. To become the best version of me and document that self-leadership development through the things I love.