Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Journey to the center of the Earth.

It's been 12 days so far and it has been going really well! Some days I just make little snacks and others I make full out meals. I totally forgot to post pictures of some of the meals I have made! But I'm sure I will make those meals again. I'm trying to write down all of my recipes so that at the end of the month I can write them all down. I am terribly lazy sometimes and I just feel like posting pictures of the yummy food I've made instead of going into great detail about all of the recipes just yet. I want to dedicate a post entirely to my very favorite recipes I've made.
It's hard that I don't have a camera to post stuff, I mean I love my iPhone camera but I want to show outfits too. Alas, that will be saved for another day when I don't have so much to save for at the current moment! But I do have some photos I can share just generally of my life, I suppose. :]

One of the first meals I made was cod baked in a lemon garlic butter sauce with baked yam fries. It turned out really well! I think next time I will pan sear it and add the garlic on a lower heat so as not to burn it. The yam fries were amazing! I never would have tried them before, but there is this swanky business professional restaurant by my old branch called Scotty Browns, and they served yam fries slightly fried instead of the regular potato fries. I really enjoy them and they are so easy to make!
One of my lunches was fresh blackberries, a butter croissant and some cream cheese. I rarely eat much during the day and during the morning. I like to save it all for big yummy dinners! I am trying so hard to eat better and focus on healthy food. I have been adding a ton of fruits into my diets. I just started adding more veggies and proteins. Last night I made a scrambled egg with feta and fresh turkey lunch meat with a little salsa. It was amazing. I am allergic to diary sort of but I eat it anyways and feta is my new favorite cheese. It pairs so well with a variety of flavors. I love how well it goes with red meats too.
For my mom's birthday I made tamales with fresh home made pico. My youngest brother brought out the left over plates from his birthday and we used those. Oh it was so so good. That is one recipe I will do a whole post to. 

Friday, April 1, 2011

Let the games begin!

Today starts me on day one of no eating out for breakfast, lunch, dinner, etc. So I've been thinking about all of that to clarify what I'm doing and why. For me not going out to eat somewhere means not going to any kind if restaurant to order food. If I'm going to the coop grocery store by my house or going to the farmers market then that's ok for me because I can see and know that this food wasn't mass produced filled with high bad everything and is going to be in line with what I would pick up and make for myself. I want to do this as a challenge to save money and live better. I live cooking. I love setting goals I will experience and truly enjoy!
So goodbye resaurants and hello home cooked meals!
This was my last meal. My boyfriend, best friend and I went to Boston's Pizza. So my very last meal was leftover pizza, which really isn't so bad. I love pizza! :]