Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My oh My

Someday I will get better at this. I am moving into my new house this month and I get to set up an art corner in my room. I get a pretty large attic room that runs almost the entire length of the house. Chris and I get to set up almost a living room type area so I have a million ideas for how I want it to look.
Today I went to the Re-Store, a sort of home cabinet/door/cupboard/sink recycling store. They had a few really good pieces I may be able to work with for shelving/storage, big pieces for really cheap. So I will have to make more decisions on that after I move what I do have into the room.

I am really excited to try out some chalkboard paint on this old Ikea desk my grandfather got for me. It's just the standard plain white and wood colors, so after looking through some really incredible design ideas at designsponge, I thought, why not spruce up my desk and paint it with chalkboard paint?! I think it will be really fun for my art/craft space. I really love all the ideas people come up with for using chalkboard paint.
On another note, I have been looking at some camera set ups for myself. I don't have access to a nice digital camera anymore since Jon and I broke up and I really should get myself one. I love toying around with photography. (This picture was taken with my iPhone of my cat Penny and I) I bought myself a Holga 135 last weekend when I was in Seattle at  Urban Outfitters. It was on sale really cheap because I suppose no one liked the army green of it. I snatched it up and have been trying to figure it out. Sadly I totally inserted my first role of film incorrectly and none of the pictures from Chris and my day at the beach turned out. Lesson learned I suppose. I bought new film and will try again!
Here are a few pictures from my Instagram for my iPhone of our beach trip though!
Bagel sandwiches for lunch from this amazing spot called The Bagelry. Their cream cheeses and bagels are so good. Dammit, now I want one!


Bellingham Bay

Some of the few sunny days we have up here in spring time!
Now off to make a lovely dinner with my man and enjoy the sun!

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