Thursday, August 9, 2012

Trying to find a balance, trying to build a balance.

I've definitely lost touch with the things I love.
It's east though, right?
Where you're too "busy" doing everything else
and not making time for spending time
with yourself.

Is it will power to dedicate time
for the things you love and lost?
Or pure laziness for growing out
of them.

An "attempt" isn't doing.
Failing is okay however. It lets
us know we can always get
better and it gives us room to grow,
to learn a better you.

It's easy to throw all of
my energy
into the things I have to.
A very serious full time job
that I love deeply.
I don't allow myself room
for myself
outside of work
outside of love.

I admit,
I have a lot of room to grow.
To learn.


  1. Beautiful words! Melancholic though! I can tell you one thing, as long as you can write like that you haven't lost anything.
    There is always more to learn.

    1. Oh thank you! I think being able to really hold myself accountable for the things I love is important. I don't want to be out of touch with that!


  2. Lovely words! Such a great little reflection. : )